My UK Page :D

Soo if u didnt know, I really love the UK, Ive always wanted to go and live in England ever since my Dad showed me old episodes of Doctor Who on BBC America some years back.

When I go to the UK I want to visit all of the famos landmarks in London like the Queens house! I wonder if I'll see any famos... I mean famous PPL their like Steaven Fry, Prince Filop, Mr Bead etc. The only thing that scares me about going to the UK is that the police there dont have any guns, so wat do they do if they see a crine? How do they shout first and ask questions later? PPL could die if the police don't shoot the terrorists. I don't nder stand the UK guns laws, why do they ban guns? PPL will still commit crimes regardless. Might as well give them guns. The only yhing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a god guy with a gun.

I bet one of u is saying "what about schol shotings?" well, yeah, if children were allowed to carry guns, then manybe mass shootings like Cluabine wouldn't of happened, duh. It doesn't take a genaus to finger that out.