I HATE MEAN PPL >:-( | クールな壁紙とGIFサイトへようこそ。

While I am OK with pppl having difrent opinions from myself - I am NOT okay with a**holes and people who trigger me. Before you follow me, PLEASE read this list of people I am NOT okay with following me

>You dislike Anime >You're a cis male, >You're a racist, sexist, lgbt-phobic, or bigoted in any way - I don't like people who hate other people, please, no h8 >:( >You make "triggered" or rape jokes/you think they're funny >You use the (hard r) n***** word alot and you're white >You make fun of other ppl's websites

If you do follow me and you do ANY of the things listed, I will BLOCK and REPORT you AT ONCE. Do not mess with me, I hate trolls.