About Meeee!

About Me!

Hi there, I'm IceGhost and im happy to see that you're here on my Neocities webpage, how kewl and 90's is that!?!

First things first, I am a 16 YO girl living with my mom and dad in Texas. I’m 16 and I like to spend my free time either playing video games, reading, listening to music or watching videos on YouTube. But I enjoy to spend the most time with my girlfriend (im bi), i've known i was bi since i was 13, we spend all of our time together watching Pewdiepie on YT, lol, hes so random just like me! we also love to watch Sherlock Holmes on BBC America. I really want to visit the UK one day and go to a pub with other british ppl and try fishfingers and custard!

i dont know much about the UK apart from that everyone their says 'oi' alot, the only thing that scares me about going to the UK is if they still have nazies there or not, sorry if i seem igarunt, i never got tort UK history in my school!

evebn tho I like the UK and all of the people there, I don't like this one troll On Neocities who calls himself "Owlman", he seems really meme to other people and he licks to write about horrible stuff like dead people and rock and/or roll music - I AM NOT going to link to his site because he is a mean troll. People like him make me unsure if their are still nazies living in England.

Apart from wanting to go to the UK, I enjoy using my Tumblr and reading comics like Kent and daniel b/c they both are british and go to British schools. But I don't like it when they smoke manajawana b/c my mom says that it's a sin to smoke wEEd, it's a evil thing to do and my mom also says that if you use it you're going to go to H*ck and the Devil will hurt you.

If you want to know more about myself I have a Disord server along with a fun diry!

Thank you for reading my about me pahge and Good bless.

Name: IceGhost
Age: 435 (16 in human form)
Pronouns: she or they, either/or
Likes: anime, playing games (girl gamer ;3), having fun, hardcore porn, eating junk food
Dislikes: rude ppl, ppl who smoke, my mom, owlman, Facebook, edgy people, Trump supporters
Favorite arm: Far right (ie hitler)
Favorite foods: ice cream!
Favorite bands/musicians: jls, katy perry, edd sheeran, sam smith
Favorite video games: overwatch, minecraft, happy wheels, flappybirds